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When you record your story through the app, your story can be shared with CCF's community of app users and made available on this website. You’ll also have the option of only sharing your story with family and friends.

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Share your recording with your friends and family along with the CCF Community.


It Provides Comfort

Share your recording with your friends and family along with the CCF Community.
Cardiomyopathy is a chronic disease that deeply impacts families. Feelings of confusion, anxiety, and depression are common when first diagnosed – whether it is yourself or someone close to you. Telling your story is therapeutic in that it allows you to make sense of your experience and see beyond your situation. Capturing your experience and expressing your feelings helps to cope with the challenges of living with a chronic disease. Similarly, hearing the stories of others with cardiomyopathy promotes feelings of solidarity, understanding, and hope. By telling your story, you can move pass any difficulties associated with cardiomyopathy and help others along in their journey with the disease.

It Helps Others

Recording your story benefits many people. It provides an honest account of what it is like to live with cardiomyopathy, and it preserves your story for future generations. Sharing your experience encourages patients and families in similar situations to come together and support each other. It also helps to raise public awareness of a disease that many may not be familiar with. Your family’s perspective on care will benefit physicians trying to improve diagnosis and medical management. This could translate to better care guidelines, treatment options, and improved health outcomes for other patients.

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